As sad as it may sound I collect words that sound the same but have different meanings. These strange, some would say annoying, words are called homophones. Anyway, I'm not sure what use this list is but I have included it here anyway - perhaps it will be of use to people learning English. The words are organized alphabetically (well the two way homophones are) first in the set and then by the first word in the set.

Four Way HomoPhones

First Variation Second Variation Third Variation Forth Variation Notes
Right Write Wright Rite Not completely sure that the wright is a word. It's in though as a noun so it here it is.

Three Way Homophones

First Variation Second Variation Third Variation Notes
Accent Ascent Assent
Are Hour Our I don't have a problem with this one some people seem to confuse "Are" and "Our". I have seen these two words confused on a sign in a shop window which read "Try are lovely cakes".
Aye (also ay) Eye I
Buy By Bye
Cite Sight Site
Ewe (female sheep) You Yew
For Fore Four
Heard Herd Hurd Not sure hurd counts as it is the name of an operating system kernel.
There Their They're Not sure this counts as they're is a contraction of they are but it is listed at
To Too Two How ironic that there are three words that sound like two.
Weather Wether Whether The last one is a common mis-spelling of the first and almost certainly not what the author meant to write unless they are talking about castrated rams.

Two Way Homophones

First Variation Second Variation Notes
Ad Add I don't think this really counts as ad is an abbreviation for advertisement.
Adherence Adherents
Aid Aide
Ail Ale
Allowed Aloud
All Awl (a sharp pointed tool)
Allot A Lot (or Alot) This one really shouldn't be in the list but the two words "A Lot" are indistinguishable from "Allot" and the "Alot" mistake is so common I couldn't leave it out. If you need a way of remembering that "a lot" is two words just ask for "alittle" help.
Allar Alter
Ante- Anti- While prefixes aren't words in their own right these two, that have very different meaning, can easily be confused. Ante- means before, Anti- means against.
Antecedence Antecedents
Arc Ark
Assistance Assistants
Ate Eight
Attendance Attendants
Bail Bale
Bare Bear
Base Bass
Bases Basis
Be Bee
Beat Beet
Berry Bury
Berth Birth
Billed Build
Blew Blue
Bloc Block
Bored Board
Bolder Boulder
Born Borne
Boy Bouy
Brake Break
Bread Bred
Bridal Bridle
Broach Brooch
Bouillon Bullion
Cache Cash
Call Cool I know that strictly speaking these two sound different but the way I say them they sound identical. This has caused much ammusement with dictation software.
Callous Callus
Canvas Canvass
Cede Seed
Ceiling Sealing
Cell Sell
Cellar Seller
Cereal Serial
Cession Session
Chews Choose
Chord Cord
Chute Shoot
Click Clique This is one of the tricky ones as clique has two forms of pronunciation. The first sounds nothing like click more like "cleek" the second sounds just like click. Personally I detest the second and wish it would be abandond but you can't have everything.
Creak Creek
Flew Flu
Hi High
Knight Night I will never understand why the K is silent.
Knot Not
Know No
Knows Nose
Made Maid
Missed Mist These two aren't always pronounced identically but they are certainly very similar.
One Won
Oar Or
Ode Owed These can often sound very similar but not always. Some people pronounce the w in owed more than others.
Paw Pour
Plain Plane
Pray Prey
Read Reed
Review Revue
Scent Sent Could possibly also have cent making this a three way homophone but I don't think it can be classed as a word.
Sea See
Sew So
Shore Sure This one is somewhat accent dependent. With some accents these two are identical with others the word sure almost aquires an a on the end.
Straight Strait Imagine the confusion a straight strait could cause.
Tare Tear
Threw Through
Toe Tow
Told Tolled
Wait Weight
Waist Waste
Way Weigh